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My favourite dialogue option in dragon age



DA:I Gameplay Features - Combat video now up!!


Compilation of new Solas info from VA GDL’s all-day Twitter Q&A:

  • GDL’s favorite aspects of Solas’s character are his passion for his beliefs and how he lacks the need to boast about how ‘nails’ he is [hard as nails, badass]
  • Solas’s voice is Welsher than GDL’s
  • Solas gets along with Cullen as well as he has to
  • Solas is a pretty private person
  • "Is Solas an LI?" -> "You will not be disappointed" & "I don’t know what I can say… but enjoy"

inquisition party members + official site backgrounds.

naeun + headbands ♡ (requested by anonymous)