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mass effect squadmates in mass effect 3


the concept of liking someone and them liking you back and you deciding to date each other literally just fucking baffles me because it has never once happened for me in my entire life

how are you all doing this

how are you people making it look so easy

how are you finding people who like you back and want to date you and then actually do it

Why Merrill is Great


  • she explores a subset of magic that is stigmatized
  • she is eager to restore forgotten history
  • she is kind to those who are hateful towards her
  • she sticks up for herself and her beliefs
  • she is curious of other cultures and genuinely wants to learn more
  • merrill is basically a cutie pie with some major backbone and an eye for bullshit

"I stay home when I’m not working. So I feel I live meaninglessly. I hate being alone yet I wanna be alone."(cr)

I love my skin!

The Inquisition Skyhold